Dr. Phillips, Florida

Dr. Phillips, Florida: An In-depth Look

Nestled in the heart of Central Florida, Dr. Phillips is not just another city but a tapestry of history, neighborhoods, attractions, and thriving communities. Known for its impressive real estate, serene lakes, and proximity to Orlando’s world-class attractions, Dr. Phillips has carved a unique niche for itself. In this essay, we’ll delve into the roots of Dr. Phillips, its neighborhoods, attractions, and some intriguing statistical data.

History of Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips owes its name and much of its identity to Dr. Philip Phillips, a pioneering citrus magnate who owned thousands of acres of citrus groves. His innovations in the citrus industry, including the development of a more efficient pasteurization process, left an indelible mark.

  • Early 1900s: Dr. Phillips became one of the largest citrus producers in the world.
  • 1950s: The Phillips family sold its citrus holdings, which laid the foundation for the development of this thriving community.
  • 1980s: The area began to flourish as residential communities emerged, taking advantage of the picturesque lakes and fertile lands.

Dr. Phillips Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods within Dr. Phillips are renowned for their charm, diversity, and affluent nature. Here’s a table detailing some of these neighborhoods and their notable features:

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Bay Hill– Home to the famous Bay Hill Golf Club.
– Luxurious properties overlooking the lakes.
Sand Lake Point– Serene lake views and water activities.
– Community tennis courts and boat ramp.
Toscana– Mediterranean-style homes.
– Proximity to shopping and dining.
Vizcaya– Gated community.
– Offers townhomes and single-family residences.
Phillips Landing– Mix of luxury and traditional homes.
– Surrounded by three lakes.

Notable Attractions

Dr. Phillips isn’t just about upscale homes and lakes. Its proximity to Orlando means residents and visitors have access to world-class entertainment and recreational facilities.

  • Restaurant Row: Located on Sand Lake Road, this stretch is a food lover’s paradise. From upscale eateries to cozy cafes, there’s something for every palate.
  • Dr. P. Phillips Community Park: This sprawling park offers a splash pad, dog park, sports facilities, and hiking trails.
  • Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts: An iconic venue for music, theater, and dance performances.
  • Universal Orlando Resort: Just a short drive away, this world-famous theme park beckons with its myriad attractions.

Statistical Data

  • Population: As of the last census, Dr. Phillips had a population of approximately 10,981.
  • Median Household Income: The median income for a household in the area was about $78,266.
  • Education: Over 58% of the adult population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, showcasing the community’s emphasis on education.
  • Real Estate: The median value of owner-occupied housing units is around $385,900.


Dr. Phillips, Florida, is more than just a geographical location; it’s a testament to the pioneering spirit of its namesake. With its rich history, beautiful neighborhoods, and an array of attractions, Dr. Phillips continues to attract those who seek a blend of modern conveniences, nature’s beauty, and a touch of luxury. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or someone looking for the finer things in life, Dr. Phillips has something to offer.


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