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Holiday Lighting Experiences

We are more just holiday lighting installers. We are a creative team that insists on only the best and brightest products, that creates ultimate lighting experiences that will amaze you. We care greatly about the joys and happiness of bringing family and friends together. So whether parents are flying in from up north, or the kids are coming home from college, let us create a magical display you will never forget!

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Big Box Store Lighting

We’ve all been there. Store bought lights NEVER work for long. How frustrating is it when you plug in a lightset from a home center and only one half of it lights up? !? Argh…. so frustrating.
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Our commercial grade lights are the best and brightest in the industry. Our 5mm lightsets are sealed and waterproof, and our spheres hanging in the trees will leave you speechless!

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As Featured on ABC Television’s The Great Christmas Light Fight!

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What makes our lighting different?

Our lights and products are the best in the world!

  • Our lights are all low power, super bright LED’s
  • All of our bulbs match in color. So no matter on roof, in bushes or on a wreath on the door, no more white, yellow and blue lights!
  • We are the only designer to use lighted bows on our wreaths creating a magical effect
  • Our garland and wreaths are all UV resistance super plush and look amazing. No more batteries to change as all of our lighting plugs in
  • No more massive runs of extension cords. We custom cut and plug everything and we seal our connections with a waterproof coaxial connector.
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We work differently.

Avoid the hassles so you can enjoy the holiday season in style.

Keep off the dangerous ladders and avoid the hassles and stress so you can spend more time with your families. Check out our 5 step process designed to make holiday lighting enjoyable for you again!

Our creative team designs each experience uniquely to your tastes and is custom configured for your home or business.

We try hard to make no two displays the same and leave you with people stopping in amazement and you blown away!

Leave the ladders and lifts to us! Our team is trained and insured for your safety. We work as a crew to expeditiously and methodically install all of your lights and decorations often within 2-3 hours depending on the size and complexity of the project.

All electrical cords are custom cut and arranged to be neatly out of sight (and away from the landscapers!).

When completed, everything is tested and set to a digital timer to your desired on and off times. So all you have to do is come outside and marvel at the lights with your friends and neighbors.

We provide worry free maintenance of our light displays for the entire season. If anything goes wrong, just let us know and we will fix it!

Our super bright commercial grade lighting carries a 3 season warranty.

The best part of our valet service is right after the holiday season is over we come by and carefully label and remove all lights, and pack them up in sealed storage containers. We label all your lights with your name and address and zip tie the container shut so we guarantee everything you had for the season will be returned next year.

We take meticulous notes, photos, videos and diagrams on all wiring. We also confirm with you what if anything would you like to add or change!

Our takedown service is 100% hassle free and we leave no evidence of your lights. So yes,that means we get all of those plastic clips off the roof!

We label and store all our your lights in our secured, and insured warehouse in Winter Park, FL. We keep things organized and grouped by neighborhood so it’s easy to find and deliver for next season.

And, if you ever miss your lights , you are more then welcome to come by for a visit to see them!

Orlando Holiday Lighting Design & Installation Services

Bring Vibrant Holiday Lighting to Your Orlando, FL Property

Orlando Holiday Lights provides professional full-service holiday lighting design, installation, maintenance and storage for residential and commercial properties in Orlando, Florida. As a trusted leader in holiday decor, our Christmas light experts use only commercial grade, energy efficient LED lights and products to create stunning, custom outdoor lighting displays perfect for your home or business.

Fully Customizable Orlando Holiday Lighting Design

Our talented designers will work closely with you to create a breathtaking holiday lighting plan tailored specifically for your property. We consider architecture, landscaping, color preferences, and lighting themes to develop a truly custom Christmas light design that aligns with your personal vision. With our robust selection of LED light colors and options, we can accommodate any holiday aesthetic.

Convenient Professional Holiday Light Installation

Once your custom holiday lighting design is finalized, our trained technicians will neatly install all lighting elements and decor using lifts and ladders. We handle all electrical work, with LED products plugged into well-organized connections points. After a thorough test, we’ll set automated schedules via digital timers. Our insured installation teams get the job done quickly and safely.

Hassle-Free Holiday Lighting Maintenance

We provide complete peace of mind with our holiday lighting maintenance. Should any issues arise with your Orlando Christmas lights, simply let us know and we’ll promptly repair or replace any defective products. We use only commercial grade lighting with multi-year warranties, but still offer full-season upkeep.

Holiday Lighting Take Down & Storage

Once the season winds down, we’ll return to carefully dismantle your holiday light display. All lighting elements and decor pieces will be neatly labeled, packed, and transported to our secure local warehouse for climate controlled storage over the off-season. You can rest assured your lighting investment will be protected until the next holiday season.

Orlando Holiday Lighting Products

In addition to our lighting design and installation services, we also offer:

Vibrant Commercial Grade LED Holiday Lights

Our holiday lights use top-of-the-line commercial grade LED bulbs known for their brightness, energy efficiency, and longevity. We have strings, icicle lights, wire frames, hanging globes, nets, and more. Our LED lights come in every color to match your decor.

Holiday Decor Essentials

To complement our Christmas lights, we provide gorgeous holiday wreaths, garlands, bows, and seasonal flower arrangements. These meticulously decorated accents add festive elegance.

Automated Digital Timers

Our timers allow you to program your holiday lighting displays to conveniently turn on and off automatically at set times. This automation adds convenience.

Supporting Accessories

We offer a range of accessories like clips, fasteners, stakes, and cords to artfully install holiday lighting. This ensures a clean, cohesive finished look.

Service Areas for Orlando Holiday Lighting

We are proud to provide our signature holiday lighting services in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, including:


Winter Park


Lake Mary

Altamonte Springs

Winter Garden


Lake Buena Vista



And more! Contact us for a customized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Holiday Lighting Services

How can I get a quote for Orlando holiday lighting?

Our team is happy to provide a personalized quote based on your property, design tastes, and service needs. Give us a call or request pricing via our online form.

When should holiday lights be installed and taken down?

We recommend installing Christmas lights in late October or early November to be ready for the season. Take down typically occurs in early January once the holidays wind down.

Do you provide lighting for interior decor as well as outdoors?

Our services focus on designing and installing beautiful outdoor lighting displays. For indoor lighting, we suggest contacting a local interior decorator or electrician.

What colors and themes are popular for holiday lights?

Classic color schemes like red, green, and white remain popular. Many also love jewel tones, white lights, or colorful RGB mixes. Themes range from elegant to whimsical!

How long do LED holiday lights typically last?

With proper storage and handling, commercial grade LED holiday lights can remain vibrant and functional for up to 10 years. Our lights come with multi-year warranties.

Do your installations require wiring work on my home?

Nearly all of our installations simply use outdoor outlets on your existing exterior electrical system. No rewiring or electrical upgrades needed!

What size/type properties do you provide holiday lighting for?

We specialize in lighting homes, businesses, offices, shopping plazas, restaurants, theme parks, and more. If it’s in Orlando, FL we can light it up!

Do you decorate theme parks and attractions in Orlando?

Yes! As an authorized installer, we provide stunning holiday lighting displays for many Orlando-area theme parks, resorts, and entertainment venues.

How can lighting displays be automated/scheduled?

Our team will program your digital timers to automatically turn your lights on/off at the desired times each night. This scheduling adds convenience.

Is holiday lighting weather/weatherproof?

Absolutely. Our commercial grade LED holiday lights and connections are fully weatherproof and designed to withstand all weather conditions.

What our customers say


I waited a year to get into their schedule! I highly recommend you call them ASAP, get your deposit paid to get on their schedule as their lighting is incredible. My kids were running and laughing and playing in the yard practically every night when the lights came on. It is such a wonderful experience.


Melissa W.

A Very Happy Mom!


Without question Eric and his team are the best. They not only did my home creating this very colorful but classy (think anti Griswold) display, but I fired my “light installer” and hired Johannessen Lights to do our entire HOA entrances, gates, and clubhouse. It was out of this world. I had my 100 residents telling me every night how special it was to come “home”. It was such a festive and dreamy experience.


Chris K.

Homeowner and HOA President


I waited a year to get into their schedule! I highly recommend you call them ASAP, get your deposit paid to get on their schedule as their lighting is incredible. My kids were running and laughing and playing in the yard practically every night when the lights came on. It is such a wonderful experience.


Melissa W.

A Very Happy Mom!

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