Lighting Packages

Package 1

Wonderland Display Package

The total, over the top, stop the car, get out and take pictures display. We bring all the elements from house outlines, bushes, garland, wreaths, trees, and our famous spritzers in the trees.

We always add special, unique elements to showcase your property as one of a kind. This is the envy of the neighborhood! Depending on property size, these packages range from $8K-$25K for the first season and may take 2-3 days to install.

Wonderland package

Package 2

Drive-by Package

This package puts you on the map! Our drive-by packages are ones where we bring a variety of color, design and themes based on your features to light up and showcase your property.

If you have a great roofline, we will outline it all around. If you have a lot of bushes, we will wrap them all! If you have a great oak or palm trees, we will hang spheres or spritzers or wrap the trunks and fronds.

This will get people driving by and saying oh, that place looks cool! These packages range from $4K-$10K depending on scale and typically require a lot of ladder or lift work.

christmas lights on home

Package 3

Whites & Greens Package

Traditional, Elegant, New England style. We use our famous Sun Warm White C9 bulbs for roofline, matching brightly lit garland and wreaths with our one-of-a-kind backlit red bow.

Finishing touches include 5mm lights in bushes to bring a warm feel to your property. These packages range from $3K- $5K with the largest variable being the amount of greenery provided.

Whites and Green package

Package 4

Last Minute Package

Uh oh… Did you forget to call us pre-season? Were you, “meaning to get to the lights” this past month? Did you think it would be fun to put up the lights with the kids only to argue and fight over lights not working?

We still have you covered with our last-minute package which is intended to get you some lights in time for the holidays.

We will get some lights in the bushes, or a wreath on the door, and something on the roofline to get you through the season but will insist next year we plan out a proper display!

These packages range from $1,500-$2,000 depending on how many lights we provide. Note this package cannot guarantee your first choice of light products.

last minute package
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