I saw you on TV, when did they film the show?

We were on the premiere episode of season 4 of “The Great Christmas Lightfight” on ABC.  We aired on Monday December 5, 2016.  Our final filming night for the show was Sunday October 9, 2016, 36 hours after Hurricane Matthew swept up the coast of Florida. Yes, we had to take everything down and had 36 hours to get back out before the judge, Carter Oosterhouse arrived!

Is this your house?

This is our residence and the back yard is our private yard so we ask you to respect our family’s privacy.

How long does it take to put up display?

It takes about 2-1/2 months to put everything up and out, and about 1-1/2 months to pack up! 

How long have you been doing this display?

We have been doing this house for 5 years.  We started in 2011 after we rebuilt it.

Are you really a builder as they showed on TV?

Yes 3rd generation builder; we rebuilt the house in 2010; it was a 1973 single story ranch style home.

How many lights are there?

A lot.  While we don’t know the exact amount, we estimate about 250,000 from end to end!

Where do you store all of this?

 Everywhere!  In out attic, side yard, and 3 storage units off-site!

How much is your power bill?

Our power bill increases by $500 per month while lights are on in November and December.

Will the display be up next year?

YES!  It is growing every year, and if you leave a small donation, we can make it even better next year!

Do you charge for the tour?

No, but we do ask for a small donation if you tour the front yard or Santa’s Retreat!